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Wyngro - SDWK1 - Clean Up! by SketchyDemon Wyngro - SDWK1 - Clean Up! :iconsketchydemon:SketchyDemon 23 3 Wyngro - Ya got a death wish!? by SketchyDemon
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WP38: Opposite Day by CheruCheriPie WP38: Opposite Day :iconcherucheripie:CheruCheriPie 9 0
As you saw in our announcement a couple weeks prior:

Some revisions were being made for our brand spankin’ new MYO guide! That’s right, the MYO process has changed a bit, and rather than read this boring old text, why don’y you head on over and give our new Wyngro Maker a try!
That’s right, no more crappy flash maker, PSD files etc. in order to add onto your templates. This maker will do it all for you! In fact, it’s now going to be on every MYO thus forward!
It’s very exciting and fun to use! A big thanks again to our skilled coders, Kyttias and Xealotte, for helping to braing this monster to life!
This will allow mods to have a clear image of what your wyngro is supposed to look like for more lenient approvals. We humbly ask that you only draw ONE image of your wyngro in the approval however. (No need to add additional images)
So what
:iconwyngro:Wyngro 28 72
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On a different note, I am EXCITE for the Myo Wyngling I'll be rolling out in May.
They're gonna be a birthday baby for me and I HAVE ALL THE PLANS
I'm at work so can only status and not journal P: but
For any of ya'll having knee-jerk "WYNGRO IS KILLING ITSELF REEEEE" reactions to the recent changes, please just take a deep breath and chill out for a sec. Don't just whine; give proper feedback and suggestions, give reasoning behind why you think something is bad and toss ideas on how to make it better.
You gotta make mistakes to learn. You gotta try something new to see if it works. Remember; Wyngro is run by real people volunteering their time and effort to help run it. They're doing their best. They're people, just like you and me, sitting on the other end of the screen.
You can disagree with change, but please, be polite, be respectful, be open to feedback and discussion. Help them nicely with figuring out if the changes are working or need more tweaking. There's no need to be rude or spiteful with these group changes.
Take a deep breath. You're gonna be okay. I'm here to talk if anyone needs it, alright?
Please take care. Relax. Have fun. Life is too short for senseless squabbles.
Cheers <3
Wyngro - Pleb the Pebble Pop
my hands are dead

SO my Spoodle art doll didn't count because no clay was used, so of course I had to remedy this for the glorious imp manes! Behold, Pleb the Pebble Pop! With a painted clay head (wrapped in some fabric around the base so as to not look too out of place) with a cotton-filled fabric body and pose-able legs! Unfortunately I didn't set his legs straight or feet flat down so he couldn't stand on his own, but he was perfectly pose-able and looked right at home on my spider plant!

Goodness I'm tired. Two days full of art projects, I'm buuushed.

Golden WynMAX WYNSGolden Wyn 
Pebble Pops are a species of :iconwyngro: 
Wyngro - Gettin Thumbs
ah boy, sorry for the inconsistency in this one; I have been on-and-off working on it for about two weeks now and of course I tried pushing through it today after feeling worn out from drawing all last night, so it doesn't look the best, but I can at least give these two thumbs now (bipeds without thumbs kinda weird me out, they neeeeeed them)

We'll say time-line wise this is after Bean's fight with Fern/Kukka/Mandarin at the Nook. Her and Kerberos seemed to have bumped into one another while testing out their sewing skills (both are aiming to be more self-sufficient, so, why not?) and Bean manages to idly chatter with Kerberos, who seems content enough listening while nibbling on a variety of snacks.

Eventually the two actually converse; both seem to be having trouble with other Wyngro lately - Bean with those at the Nook and Kerberos with his mother and sister. Oddly enough the two make a slight bond over their growing hate for others and feelings of isolation.

These two got upgrade dumps planned, so why not kill two birds with one stone and have them meeting those requirements together lol. Mix in a little plot with it, too

PFF forgot the upgrades!

+ Eyebrow Changer (rectangles)
Kerberos App
+ Teeth
This image!

+ Eyebrow Changer (Lines)
Bean App

Golden WynMAX WYNSGolden Wyn 
Bean, Kerberos, and artwork (c) :iconsketchydemon: 
more BIG NEH
Just some additional photos of big NEH that I posted a while back since I never showed how he can (kinda) be bent around. Unfortunately since I am not an experienced crafter he is falling apart and may need to be retired soon D': his little legs are pose-able but I made his body too heavy so it's a bit difficult for him to stand, but making him look like he's doing the splits was amusing until his wool started falling off

He was a learning experience in making art dolls. I'll definitely need to get more proper materials next time and probably watch some tutorials; he was a very "I have no patience and will do this how I THINK it goes" experiment. But, good practice!


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